Great Expectations - Charles Dickens I really did not expect to love this book as much as I did. I finished it yesterday and I'm still a little overwhelmed about the whole thing. This is the most I've been emotionally invested in a character in a really long time. The book itself drags in places, and I found myself skimming some parts rather than reading them. Because of this I fluctuated in what I thought would be my star rating for this book; the first half was a five, briefly in the middle it was a 4, but by the end it was a five just for how much I actually cared. Not a person to really care for romantic subplots, I genuinely rooted for the pairing of Pip and Estella and found myself anxious about their fate.
Great Expectations is filled with diverse, interesting characters who are easy to root for (or against), and despite the drama and seriousness of the plot, it's written with much humour. As my first Dickens' novel, I was surprised by how easy this was to read (and read quickly).

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