The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger It's not an altogether unenjoyable story, but it is a completely predictable, trite story of obsessive love where the woman waits patiently (and chaistly) for her "one true love" while the man gets to go out and live a normal life. The element of time travel was not, in my opinion, very well done. The timelines were not clearly defined to the point where it was hard to understand mainly because it was quite nonsensical. The timetravel element also added a large degree of creepiness, with chapters of a middle aged Henry with a pre-pubescent Claire talking about their future life together (even including an instance of Henry's jealousy when a 12 year old Claire talks about her like of Paul McCartney).

There are also some horribly racist stereotype characters throughout the novel. Each character that's supposed to be of colour speaks in a very race specific, stereotypical fashion which just irked me as this was written by a white woman (these characters include an Asian woman with problems with her verb tenses - even though it's implied she's been living in America for decades, and "black girl" -who is referred to as a "black girl" - who addresses people as "sister" or "white boy", and a matronly, coddling presumably African-American maid/cook ).

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