Beautiful Creatures - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Earlier this year, I had an inexplicable urge to read all the huge paranormal/fantasy YA books that were being adapted (this was before the release of The Host and Beautiful Creatures films). I got epubs of some of them(City of Bones, Divergent, The Host, Beautiful Creatures) with the intention to read them, if only for the 'informed hater' status. Based entirely on premise and what I've heard about the books from other people, Beautiful Creatures seemed the least likely to offend my sensibilities and inspire hatred. I was dead wrong. If I could give negative stars, it would be here. I didn't even feel that much hatred at the plagiarized, incestuous, fanfic ripoff that is City of Bones.

The sheer volume of stupid fuckery in Beautiful Creatures made it impossible to contain myself, prompting me to use a wordpad document to make comments (/complete rants) while reading. I intended on c+p that as a review, but I was so burned out by the time I got halfway through that I couldn't even bring myself to open wordpad anymore. There were only so many times I could type "HOLY SHIT STOP" when Ethan repeatedly called all girls who weren't Lena stupid sluttly cheerleaders or some ambiguously racist language and mannerisms were applied to Amma. Instead, I'll just summarize.

This book is trash. Absolute trash. So vilely misogynistic. As a book told from the PoV of a male character, it could not be more obvious that it was written by women carrying a lot of bitterness and insecurity from their high school days. Ethan was a complete teen girl outcast masturbatory fantasy. A teen boy who thought all the blonde cheerleaders were vapid sluts in miniskirts and all the boys who liked them were superficial horndogs. A teen boy who preferred the girl in converse (TRUST THE CONVERSE THING WAS BROUGHT UP A LOT) who carried around books (TRUST AGAIN IT WAS REPEATEDLY POINTED OUT THAT THE CHEERLEADERS NEVER HELD BOOKS). He's not even a Gary-Stu or self-insert, just a complete childish fantasy who needs to point out how terrible every other girl in the world is to justify how ~~~absolutely amazing and perfect Lena is. Lena, of course, being a completely personality-less cardboard cutout of a girl who walks into school with black hair, jeans and copy of To Kill A Mockingbird - a wonderful contrast to all the clone like blonde cheerleader sluts - that naturally our hero immediately falls madly in love with despite her complete lack of substance or personality.

Ethan reduces every single girl in his high school to their appearance, creating a binary consisting of two distinct categories: cool girls not like everyone else with black hair and converse (read: Lena and only Lena) & bleach blonde cheerleader sluts with handbags and miniskirts. And the life lesson here is not to judge people by their appearance. Seriously. Like an entire paragraph about how that is a bad thing to do. Followed by another paragraph about Lena's converse, Ethan's Transformer shirt, and the cheerleaders miniskirts.

I think my search for a nice, fluffy, entertaining light read is in vain.

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