City of Bones - Cassandra Clare It took me a lot longer than expected to read this because I lost interest pretty fast and forced my self through a large chunk of this. I went in with very low expectations, yet was still shocked by how hard this was to get into, even on a trashy guilty pleasure sort of way.
I get why this novel became a small phenomenon amongst the YA-set. It's every single cliché found in modern fantasy YA squeezed into one book.
Seriously. It has it all.
One dimensional characters, corny dialogue, love triangles (with a Nice Guy best friend), a kind of unhealthy main relationship (props on the incest though, that was actually the most unique thing about this book - and I'm going to need to know if these siblings make out or something. that is so Game of Thrones), an arrogant unlikable hero whose just 'misunderstood' b/c of some dumb sob story, a complete Mary Sue of a main heroine (like literally called Clary with red hair and freckles who doesn't know she's beautiful! - Cassandra Clare didn't even try with that character), a pretty girl our heroine hates, sloppy writing, silly backstory, a convoluted plot that's kind of nothing.
Any other trite YA-fantasy stereotype you can think of, it's probably in there.
It might be a little unfair for me to be critical of this book. I'm out of it's target audience's age range and I didn't really expect to like it in the first place. I pretty much just wanted to be an informed hater. I get it's appeal and I know why people eat this kind of thing up, and that's cool because it's ultimately pretty harmless (partic. in relation to a lot of other YA books right now).
but at the end of the day, it's based on a Ron/Ginny Harry Potter incest fan-fic so there's really no separating yourself from that.

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