Bowie: A Biography - Marc Spitz As compelling as Bowie is, this biography is not. It's more of a summation of interviews and speculation on Bowie, with occasional testimony from the very few people the author seemed to talk to. Writing wise, it's very "essay-like", with far too much personal input from the author and the phrase "One can imainge..." used excessively. So much of this bio is completely redundant as well (I do not need to know the life and childhood of David Bowie's roommate for half a year in 1968, thanks). Actual aspect of Bowie's life are glossed over (even the birth of his son accounted for just one paragraph, only to be mentioned max-five times more) and focused more on chronologically outlining his album releases and tours. Bowie: A Biography is more an extended wikipedia article written by a college student than a compelling, detailed biography.

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