Juliet, Naked - Nick Hornby The plot of Juliet, Naked isn't exactly a far from the plots of other works by Nick Hornby. Like his other novels, Juliet blends relationships, music and humour in a realistic way. While the style is similar in an enjoyable way, giving anyone familiar with Hornby exactly what they expect, the plot itself was a little formulaic with characters that are almost copies of characters from previous Hornby novels. The complicated web of relationships between main characters Annie, Duncan and Tucker do have their difference and are perhaps more interesting and complex, with ends quite different than those present in previous novel "How To Be Good" but the characters are nearly identical just in different circumstances. Both novels follow the same formula of a woman dealing with her partner and his refusal to grow up and give up his childish obsessions. Both novels also have the women attempt to 'find themselves' and find happiness outside of the relationships while never actually developing a personality or outside interests without them being directly related to the men. There is really no redemptive qualities in the characters of Juliet, Naked. They're all unlikable in different ways and show little to no growth throughout the novel. Despite the flaws, the plot is still interesting and enjoyable, although anti-climactic. You're left with no real resolution, no dynamic character growth or any real idea on how to feel about the story.

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