Lady Susan - Jane Austen Despite my aversion to most epistolary novels, Lady Susan actually benefited from the style. The story told through letters approach applied several different layers of unreliable narration and created very unique Austen characters. If this novel were more fleshed out and developed, I could have REALLY liked it. I`ve come to expect almost perfunctory endings (everyone gets paired off, the terrible characters are still terrible, everyone lived happily ever after - in the last five pages), but Lady Susan`s ending was a bit too abrupt with an epilogue that seemed almost haphazardly tacked on at the end to sum up what wasn`t even at the point of being 'loose ends'. Perhaps it's a pitfall of the epistolary style, but it feels like there are big chunks of story missing (especially at the end) and the "everything worked out and everyone was happy" ending came before the novel reached a real climax.

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