A Shore Thing - Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Nobody is reading a Snooki book and expecting great insight. She's obviously no Tolstoy, but A Shore Thing wasn't the worst thing I've ever read (or even the worst thing I've read this week). Just like every other ghost written celebrity book, it's superficial, silly and dramatic. But it is entertaining and fun. If you can appreciate something like Jersey Shore (or any other given reality tv show) for what they are - mindless entertainment - you can enjoy this book.
It also deserves a bit of credit for its surprising moments of positive messages of female empowerment (this is seriously a story of a girl who gains independence from a controlling boyfriend and decides what to do with her future and a girl who realizes she's way too in love with her life to try so desperately to find a boyfriend). But that could just be my own bias of thinking Snooki is really a covert feminist figure for just doing her own thing and not caring about other people's (usualy unjust, always a bit gendered) criticism.

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